Quality Hotels West Cork Rally 2011
Car H07

Crew:Neill Spain/Elgan Davies
Car TypeFord Escort Mk 2
AddressCrosshands /
Class16 K
Total Time2:27:58.6
Overall010 [Cls01]

Stage NoStage NameStart TimeFinish TimeStage TimeStage PosElapsed TimePosition
O/All [Class]
Average Speed
05Ring 121:35.0+0:21:35.027.80
06Dunworly115:40:3016:02:22.610:45.4*0070:32:20.4015 [Cls01]55.78
08Dunworly 217:32:0017:42:02.010:02.00060:42:22.4013 [Cls01]59.80
10Rossmore 111:46:0011:55:16.009:16.00040:51:38.4013 [Cls01]64.75
11Sam's Cross 112:13:0012:20:25.707:25.70040:59:04.1012 [Cls02]80.77
12Rossmore 213:25:0013:34:03.509:03.50031:08:07.6010 [Cls01]66.24
13Sam's Cross 213:52:0013:59:08.507:08.50031:15:16.1010 [Cls01]84.01
14Ardfield 114:48:3027:40.4+0101:42:56.5010 [Cls01]21.68
15Hayes Cross 123:27.2+2:06:23.7010 [Cls01]25.58
16Ardfield 214:13.3+2:20:37.0010 [Cls01]42.19
18Clon Town07:21.6+2:27:58.6010 [Cls01]81.52
Total Time2:27:58.6

Times marked with '*' are stage interruption times.
Times marked with '+' are Maximum stage time plus 300 seconds

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